This is the Java Version of the workshop. A Scala Version of the workshop is here


  • OpenJDK 8
  • Maven 3+
  • A Good Java IDE - IntelliJ or Eclipse
  • We’ll be writing Java code!

Getting the Code

The code is on GitHub, and checkout the initial branch:

git clone
git checkout initial


Make sure everything compiles out of the box!

cd grpc-java-chatroom-workshop
mvn install

IntelliJ Setup

You need to add the generted gRPC source files to your project.

1 - After compiling the project verify the protobuf generated sources are under target/generated-sources/protobuf.

2 - Then under the project settings update the auth-service project.

3 - Click on sources and then on the target path navigate down to target/generated-sources/protobuf.

4 - Add both grpc-java and java as source folders.

5 - Do the same thing for chat-service project.